Message from hon’ble VC


“Education is a commitment to excellence in teaching and learning”

Tilka Manjhi Bhagalpur University, Bhagalpur, popularly known as Bhagalpur University, is a premier public university for providing higher education in the state of Bihar. The university endeavors to cultivate creative ideas and nurture the young talented minds to develop openness of thoughts, promote student interest and innovation and provide a hub to promote their talent. We intend to reach out to every student by inculcating prudence, efficiency, creativity and compassion to work for the betterment of the marginalized sections of society. We attempt to kindle their sense of responsibility, honesty, conscience, justice and above all commitment to human values in order to develop them into devoted citizens of the country. We aim to expand our reach to the inaccessible regions through virtual presence and become a centre of knowledge osmosis. We seek to empower every inquisitive soul with the best available human resources. We intend to intensify our endeavors to mobilize more resources and create conducive ambience for our faculty, students and staff to actualize their potential. Our students form the core of our existence as an institution, and we attempt to give wings to their dreams. We expect them to be passionate about their dreams and make their family and society proud of their achievements. It will give them strength and motivation to work hard for a greater cause in life. We intend to pursue a multi-stakeholder consultation approach, in which students, teachers and staff, as well as alumni, former faculty members and other stakeholders, including the media, play a meaningful role. We are proud of our alumni and their achievements. Now, their alma mater seeks their stronger support. We have a mammoth task of employing higher education as a means of attaining peace and development for all. We pay our tribute to those who had been associated with the University and seek to meet their expectations to take the University to greater heights. We urge everyone to join us in fostering a healthy, peaceful and engrossing atmosphere at the University campuses, colleges and affiliated institutions. We invite you to contribute actively and enrich the University with your intellectual resources, rich experiences and fruitful suggestions. The University has shown its resilience and ability to adapt and convert the challenging situation of the pandemic to an opportunity. It has enhanced accessibility to learning, fosters best practices, and promotes professional development, by harnessing the benefits of available educational technologies. Indeed, everyone has made an effort to keep the system in motion in spite of the difficulties. The results of the collective efforts put now shall be seen in the coming years. Let us uphold the legacy that has been handed down to us through the hard work and sweat of our predecessors. It is our responsibility to hold the torch high for the ideals that the University has stood for. It is indeed the collective responsibility of each one of us to give our best in whatever we do so that we continue to be an ‘Institute of Eminence’ for times to come.

Best wishes

Prof. Hanuman Prasad Pandey

Vice Chancellor