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  • Since its inception, the Department has established itself at National & International level both & in the field of teaching and research.
  • The department has the distinction of receiving of COSIST and Special Assistance Programme (DRS : SAP Phase I & II Completed, and Phase III awaited) of U.G.C., New Delhi.
  • Many research projects sponsored by various national and international agencies like UGC, DST, DBT, ICAR, CSIR, ICMR, CMPDI, Ministry of Coal,Ministry of Earth Science, ICFRE, NATP, IFS (Sweden), WDCS (U.K.) have been successfully completed and many are in progress.
  • The department has participated in previous year & in many prestigious national and international programmes, such as PL – 480 scheme, MAB Programme, Ganga Action Plan etc.
  • The department has collaborations with the national and international agencies, like CMPDI,ICMR, Molecular systematic lab of The field, Museum, Chicago and WDCS, U.K,I.A.R.I,R.M.R.I, Mahaveer Cancer Institute
  • As a recognition of their outstanding contributions, several Faculty members have been honoured Awards and Fellowships, that include P. Maheshwari award of Indian Botanical Society to Late Prof. K. S. Bilgrami, ex-Head of the Department, Y. S. Murty gold Medal of I.B.S. to Prof. A. K. Roy and Prof. A.K. Pandey, V. V. Shivarajan gold medal of I.A.A.T. to Prof. A. K. Pandey, Jeerasa nidhi Lecture Award of Indian Phytopathological society to Prof. A K. Roy, Prof. Hira Lal Chakravarty and Prof. S.N. Banerjee Memorial Lecture Award of IMS Award to Prof. K. K. Sinha and Fellowship for contribution in the field of Environmental Education conservations by Lama Gangchu World Peace Foundation and the Global open University. Milan, Italy to Prof. Sunil K. Choudhary.
  • The Department has organized several National, Zonal and Regional Symposia, Seminars, Workshops and Conferences in the Past. Several training courses/refresher courses have been also conducted successfully.
  • Majority of the Faculty members are either acting as Resource Persons for various national and international agencies or are in the Panel of Advisory Board. Teachers have gone abroad for Post doctoral research and for delivering imited lectures. They have also chaired the sessions of national and international meetings.
  • The departmental Botanical Garden has been appreciated by various scientific Bodies including UGC and MoEnF, Govt. of India and has been adjudged as one of the excellent University Botanical gardens in Eastern India. The Ministry of Environment and Format, Govt. of India has also selected this garden for conservation and propagation of endangered Plant, Freria media. The garden has a collection of more than 1600 plant species, both indigenous and exotics.
  • The department has well-organized herbarium, recognized internationally. More than 13,000 herbarium sheets of vascular Plants are collected and property indexed. Department is providing identification service of medicinal and other plants to local people and herbal drug practitioners. The UGC visiting Committee has highly commended the organization of departmental herbarium.
  • The department has been also particular in taking up the projects that cater the need of local people. One such project presently in progress in Production of biofertilizer packs using sericulture and mycorrhizal technology.