• Head of the Dept. :   Prof. Maheshwar Prasad Sah
  • Year of Estb. :   1964
  • Total Area :   25000 Sq.ft.
  • Built Up Area :   6400 sq. ft.
  • Level Of Study :   M.Sc., Ph. D.
  • Contact No :   9431037949
  • Email :

About the Department:

The University Department of Chemistry has been assiduously shaping the needs of advance higher education and research activities of the youth right from its day of foundation in 1964. Within a brief span of time Prof. A.k. Bose, founder Head of the University Department of chemistry, created its own space in the realm of teaching. The Department has been successful  in establishing itself on the map of the country. Further it would be proper here to mention that the Department would not have been able to attain the present status without the dynamism and scientific passion of Prof. A.B. Lal, Head of the Department. He really took care of the available expertise and the vast possibilities of research in the Department by promoting creativity of teachers. With the passage of time, Prof. K.D. Banerjea, Prof. K.P. Banerjea, Prof. L.K. Thakur and Prof. A. Mishra also nourished the Department to carry forward the advancement of learning.



  • Material Science : Condensed Matter
  • Coordination Chemistry
  • Solid State Chemistry
  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Natural Products
  • Synthetic Organic Chemistry
  • Mineral Chemistry


  • Active researches are going on the thermodynamic and microscopic structure of binary and multi-component liquid alloys in the light of soldering liquid alloys-D.S.T. Project for Rs. 6.32 lac has been sanctioned.
  • A research on the topic of Molecular Interaction of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients with iodides is going on in the laboratories of Lupin Ltd., Aurangabad.
  • The other important topics of research being carried out are as follows :

    • Environmental Chemistry
    • Natural Products
    • Surface Chemistry and Catalysis
    • Synthetic Organic Chemistry
    • Thermodynamic and Spectral Properties of molecular complexes in non aqueous solvents.
    • Heterocyclic chemistry

At a Glance

  • Sanctioned strength of students in M.A. (Previous) : 60
  • Sanctioned strength of students in M.A. (Final) : 60
  • No. of books in the Department Library : 5425
  • Journal/Periodicals subscribed by the department : 07
  • Computer facility available.
  • Ratio of students to teachers : 5:1
  • Ratio of research scholors to teachers : 3.5:1
  • Admission on the basis of Honours marks and Master’s Admission Test (MAT).
  • Total No. Of Publications: 02
  • Number of Ph. D. Thesis guided in last two years – 09
  • The department is the second oldest department of Bihar.
  • The department has plans to organise “Workshop on Bhagalpuri Silk Export Promotion”.