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  • Head of the Dept.: Prof.(Dr.) Ranjana
  • Year of Establishment : 1962
  • Built Up Area : 100m x 50m (Double Storey)
  • Level Of Study : M.Sc., Ph. D.




  • Bio-mathematics
  • Advanced Modern Algebra
  • Operations Research
  • Computer Language C++
  • Fuzzy Sets
  • Non-Commutative Rings
  • Analytic Number Theory


  • Celestial Mechanics
  • Number theory
  • Fuzzy set
  • Foundation Of mathematics
  • Modern Algebra
  • Operations Research
  • Topology
  • Functional Analysis

ABOUT THE DEPARTMENT: The University Department of Mathematics was started in the year 1953 in TNJ (Now TNB) college, Bhagalpur Under Bihar University but it could not be continued after 1955 due to Govt. decision to start Post Graduate Teaching at only one place. With the establishment of the University of Bhagalpur, the P. G teaching was again started in 1962 under the incharge of Prof. Jai Narayan. Since then it is functioning continuously. Ten Heads of this department are either retired or completed their tenure and now the dept. is functioning under the Headship of Dr.Bijendra Kumar.

FACILITIES: Computers, Xerox Machine, Departmental Library, Generator, 03 class Rooms, 5 Small Rooms, 01 Departmental office, 01 Head Chamber.

At a Glance

  • Engaged in teaching and research since its inception in 1962.
  • No. of books in the Department Library :2786
  • Computers in the Department: 06
  • Ratio of students to teachers : 100:1
  • Ratio of Research Scholars to Teachers : 4:1
  • Ratio of research papers to no. of teachers : 5:1
  • No. of Ph.D. thesis guided during the last two years : 16
  • More than 200 research papers have been published in reputed National/International Journals since its inception.
  • Sanctioned strength of students in each semester : 100
  • No. of Research papers published: 125
  • No. of Journals in the Library : 684