Courses Offered
[ New Syllabi Patterned on U.G.C. Model Curriculum]

Master of Arts (Previous)

Paper I  History of Persian Literature
(a) History of Language and Literature of the ancient Iran prior to the advent of Islam there.
(b) History of Persian Literature from its beginning in Iran up to the Ghaznavids.
Paper II History of Persian Literature from the Qajars up to the present period.
Paper III History of Islam
(a) The Prophet and the first four caliphs.
(b) The Abbasids.
Paper IV Philology & Rhetorics
Paper V Classical Persian Prose
Paper VI Classical Persian poetry (Qasideh & Mathnavi)
Paper VII Modern Persian Literature.
Paper VIII Essays & Translation.

Master of Arts (Final)

Paper IX History of Persian Literature from the Saljuques up to the Safavids.
Paper X History of Persian Literature in India.
Paper XI Persian Grammar, Prosody & Translation.
Paper XII Classical Persian Prose.
Paper XIII Classical Persian Poetry (Ghazal & Mathnavi)
Paper XIV Modern Persian Prose & Poetry.
Paper XV (Optional Paper)
The candidate may offer any one  of the following groups which will be compulsory..
Group (A)  Mystic Literature
Group (B)  Indo-Persian Literature
Group (C)  Special Study of Iqubal
Paper XVI (A) Political History of Iran from ancient period upto the Temurids.
(B) Essays in Persian on a Literary subject or on a subject of topical interest