Department has the credit to grow under the pioneer leadership of Prof. J. S. Datta Munshi, FNA, FNASC and his school of talented scientists and research students. The outstanding contributions of the team are :
  • Assessment of various aquatic resources of Bihar with identification of bio-indicators and their functioning.
  • Preparation and evaluation of vascular corrosion cast replica of gas exchanges along with modern stereological methods for information on the structure of gas exchangers blood volume, haematocrit and ambient medium blood barrier thickness for evaluation of gas transport.
  • Scanning and transmission electron microscopic identification and evaluation of the effects of pathogens/pollutants on aquatic organisms.
  • Reptilian and mammalian reproductive biology and developing methods for early detection of pregnancy and control of fertility with the use of LDH-Y isolycts.
  • Monitoring the effect of Xenobiots on the genetic material.
  • Basic researches on blood acid-base regulation, water and electrolyte metabolism and compartmental analysis of body fluid systems and ionic distribution in fishes and crustaceans, eco-physiology, applied endocrinology, hematology and fish embryology.
  • Bio-ecology and productivity of aquatic insects and control of aphids.