University Press

Founder Press Manager Late Asharfi Mishra


Year of Establishment 1968
Address Tilka Manjhi Bhagalpur University,
Contact No. 0641-2500675/ 9431037969
Press Manager Dr. Raj Mangal Mishra ‘Raju’,
Built Up Area 8114 m sq.

University Press – A Brief Profile

The University Press of Tilka Manjhi Bhagalpur University, Bhagalpur, Bihar was set up with a view to cope with all the printing work of the University and its  constituent units. The Government of Bihar has given Financial help for its establishment. The Press has also received some grants from U.G.C. for its development from time to time. initially the Press was started under the supervision of a Press Manager but after his sudden demise in 1975 it was being managed either by a Statutory Officer of the University or by Professor-in-Charge (deputed by the University from time to time). Since October, 2007 after the appointment of a technical person Sri Raj Mangal Mishra ‘Raju” as Press Manager, the Press is functioning properly in the light of decisions of statutory Press Committee consisting of six members appointed by the university.

At present our Press comprises of five sections i.e.

        (a)    Establishment-cum management

        (b)    Composing cum Plate Making

        (c)    Proof Reading

        (d)    Machine and

        (e)    Daftari/Binding (Binding Section)

As a constituent Unit and source of central facilities the University Press plays a vital role to fulfil all the printed materials when needed.

Since its inception, the University Press has been printing almost all the important, documents i.e., proceedings of the senate, Syndicate, Academic Council and other bodies; certificates, degrees, syllabi of various courses, tabulation registers, marks sheet, Annual Budget, Annual Report, answer books, examination & admission forms, admit cards, identity cards, catalogue, note sheets, fly leaf, foil books, magazine, research journals, calendar, envelop, invitation cards, money receipts etc. The order for the above works come from the examination section and also from the other units of the University as well as from 34 Departments, 12 constituent Colleges and other allied units. The Press has earlier (from 1973-1975) also taken up the printing work of questions papers of the University examination but for want of sufficient security, it has not been done since then:

WORKING HOURS : 10:30 AM – 05:00 PM


  • Workshop 1(one)- with 2 (two) attached bathrooms in which all the machines are fitted.
  • Workshop 2 (two) where new offset Machine and cutting machine have been installed recently.
  • Plate Making Room
  • Composing Room
  • Store Room One- For keeping Raw materials/Substract like paper board etc.
  • Strong Room One- For keeping confidential items both printed and unprinted including degree papers.
  • Press Manager’s Offset-cum-Chamber one.
  • Common Room One- For the Assistant Press Manager. Store Keeper, Proof Readers and Assistants.
  • Accountant’s Room
  • Employees Association Room One
  • Bicycle/Scooter Shade
  • Godown : For keeping wastage, scraps & cut papers
  • Generator Room


  • Single Colour Offset Machine                                      : Size : 20”x30” (With the facilities of  four colour printing in four pass)
  • Semi Auto Cutting Machine                                         : Size : 28”x42” (Having the safety Feature of Photo cell)
  • Plate Exposing Machine                                              : Size : 34”x40” (Having the Feature of post exposing/flash exposing)
  • Whirler                                                                         : For all size plates (having the Feature coating the re-grained plate)
  • Pasting Table                                                               : Size : 32”x42”
  • Graining Machine                                                        : Plate Size : 41”x51” (Any size plate of graining )
  • Mini Offset Printing machines (Size 10×15)                : One
  • Computer (with printer A4 size) –                                : One
  • O.M.II Polygraph ( Royal Size ) Automatic                 : One
  • H.M.T.Super Egira ( Demy Size : 221/2″xl7″-” )          : One
  • Flat Machine ( Double Demy size ) Hand feeded       : One
  • Treadle Machine ( different size ) Hand feeded          : Three
  • Paper cutting Machine ( Motor Operated )                  : One
  • Single Ruling Machine ( One side )                             : One
  • Double Ruling Machine ( Both side )                           : One
  • Stitching Machine                                                        : Two
  • Perforating Machine ( One big : two small)                 : Three
  • Generator Set ( 32.5 KVA out put )                             : One
  • Tools

Sl. No. Name of the Employee Designation Contact Email Address
1 Sri Raj Mangal Mishra Raju Press Manager /
Press Superintendent
9431037969 C/o Lalan Singh
Lalkothi, Asanandpur,
Tatarpur, Bhagalpur
IIIrd Grade
1 Sri Ranjeet Kumar Accountant 6204450571 C/o Nirmala Choudhary
Lalkothi, Asanandpur,
2 Sri Rajesh Kumar Jha Com. Foreman 7992477583 PO+PS-Barari, Bhagalpur
3 Nusrat Jabeen Com. Foreman On Deputation (Univ.)
4 Sri Prashant Kumar Jha Proof Reader On Deputation (Univ.)
5 Sri Rakesh Kumar Yadav Proof Reader On Deputation (Univ.)
6 Sri Kingson Kumar Proof Reader 8797135172 Vikramshila Colony
Naya Bazar, Bhagalpur
7 Sri Vivek Kumar Machine Foreman 9934426469 Rash Bihari Apartment
1st Floor, Ram Das Gupta
Path, Laheritola, Bhagalpur
8 Sri Dilip Kumar Jha Account Assitt. On Deputation (Univ.)
9 Sri Sanjay Kumar Office Assitt. On Deputation (Univ.)
10 Sri Amit Kumar Aryan Office Assitt. On Deputation (Univ.)
IVth Grade
11 Sri Brajkishore Singh Darwan 9430967323 Sahebganj, Champanagar
12 Md. Nayyar Azam Compositor 8294163654 Amrit Hasan Lane, Tatarpur
13 Md. Wali Ahmad Compositor 7033874529 Puranatola, Sahebganj
Champanagar, Bhagalpur
14 Sri Sachhdinand Thakur Compositor 9955912978 Sahebganj, Champanagar
15 Sri Suman Kumar Suman Compositor 9801763959 Warshaliganj, Mirjanhat
16 Md. Rafique Uddin Machineman 9122444282 Bhikhanpur, Gumti No.-3
Hatia Chowk, Bhagalpur
17 Sri Navin Kumar Jha Machineman 7480098943 Kazichak, Kalia Rahmanpur
18 Sri Lalan Kumar Yadav Machineman 9572270310 Urdu Bazar, Masjid Gali
Tatarpur, Bhagalpur
19 Sri Fuleshwar Thakur Daftri 9199402982 Urdu Bazar, Masjid Gali
Tatarpur, Bhagalpur
20 Sri Basudeo Singh Daftri 7643052208 Amrit Lal Lane, Barari
21 Sri Ganesh Pd. Yadav Daftri Helper 9709808293 Sahebganj, Champanagar
22 Sri Raj Kumar Rai Machine Helper 8002878601 Budhanath, Jogsar
Goushala, Bhagalpur
23 Sri Dhiraj Kumar Yadav Darwan
24 Sri Surendra Pd. Yadav Darwan 7764064211 Bhimkita, Masudanpur
Nathnagar, Bhagalpur
25 Sri Subodh Kumar Mandal Distributor 9934227692 Dhobia Kali Sthan, Nathnagar
Road, Bhagalpur
26 Sri Sudhir Kumar Distributor On Deputation (Univ.)
27 Sri Brajesh Kumar Singh Distributor On Deputation (Univ.)
28 Sri Mukesh Kumar Peon 9798453344 Sahebganj, Pitambar Chowk
Champanagar, Bhagalpur
29 Sri Niraj Kumar Helper On Deputation (Univ.)
30 Sri Mihir Kant Jha Peon On Deputation (Univ.)
31 Sri Anil Kumar Jha Compositor 9304399371 R.B.G.S. Lane, Sakhichand
Ghat, Nayabazar, Bhagalpur